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Friends : I wish you beside her with a smile

Imagine Seeing You Here

I had posted the same earlier a few days ago, this is an updated and added version. some of my friends, Sadananda Singha and his companions ( BHASA SAHITYA) went to see the poet and editor Sweta in Hospital AND THEY HAVE DONATED HER Rs. 5000/:

"19-07-09 dupure hospital-e giyechhilam aamora. Swetake dekhte. Swetar maner jor aamader tulanay anek beshi. Sharirik kosto ektukuo mukhe phute uthlo na. zadio sharirik abostha bhalo noy. oke aamra matra 5000 taka sahazya korte perechhi. Penreporter dekhechhi. Bhaloi hoyechhe.
Hospital-e lekha ekta kobita dilam :--

( sweta has written a poem, posted below, lying in her hospital bed)

GOLDEN EYE //Sweta Bhattacharjee

The eyes are the mirror,
The eyes are the mind,
I peeped those in a maestro evening
I peeped those in spring
I, however peeped those
In string at night.

The eyes are some special,
The eyes are so nice,
So sensuous like a dream ---
I saw my dreamy then.

I fall in love—
Where fingers are playing ----
Oh lord, I just know the beats.
I just want a beat ---
The beauty with a gold
I’d seen within him.

A dark dew as shown,
As depth of the sea ---
I picked some conch shells
Some pebbles and pearls there---
Only try …… only a try …
To reach in his heart,
To sink in his eyes.

I call those Golden eye—
The eyes of my heart
The eyes of m"

The girl in the picture is an editor of a little magazine, the name of the magazine is 'NEER'. She used to bring out the issues of the magazine with her peers/ friends, with a heart filled dream. Her overflowing excitement would fill the ground/ compound of the bookfare.
Last January, she was diagnosed, her tummy ache is indicated as Cancer, Doctors consultation and advice had taken her at Vellore. After spending two lakh rupees on her treatment she was not cured.
Her name is Sweta Bhattacharya, a fatherless, she is now at G B Hospital under treatment. Beside her bed, Nelly Bhattacharya, a poet- companion and co-writer of her book of poetry 'PRATIBIMBA ( mirrored shadow)'.

Her mother is helpless, a destitute and resourceless. Sweta needs chemotherapy, she needs financial assistance, we want to help her in this dire crisis keeping hand in hand. Friends, extend your hand, it is your generous cooperation that can save a brighter life. Let us try today our best.

your help should reach at:

'Aajker Fariad'
Gandhighat, Agartala
West Tripura
Pin - 799001

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