An expression of anger and an appeal
Friday, 5 December, 2008 12:08 AM
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Dear friends and collegues,

It is an expression of our anger and an appeal for maintaining peace, harmony and Indian integrity in face of terrorists' attack in Indian soil on 26 th Nov.08

" We condemn the indiscriminate violence that hit Mumbai, India, through a series of ugly and odious terrorists act.

We stand in solidarity with the families of unsung heroes, brave soldiers and security forces of India , who were courageously heading to protect Indians and foreign hostages in recent terrorists attack, in Mumbai.

We appeal to all INDIANS to stay calm,united and foil the evil designs of the terrorists whose main objectives are to spread violence, disintegration and hatred.

We urge the political parties not to exploit these terrorist acts for political purposes.We are alarmed over the sophistication and military level planning seen in these coordinated attacks and on the failure of the intelligence agencies in preventing such a huge and widespread attack.

We demand that the federal and state governments bring the perpetrators of these actions to justice swiftly."

The signatories include: ( writers, artists and prominent personalities)

co ordinated by : Sahitya Setu and Rainbow Artists and Writers Foundation

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Thank you

We shall appreciate if you publish the above matter through your media. Thank you

Best regards
Albert Ashok
On behalf of

All India PEN center. West Bengal